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Advanced Labs


REDesign You utilizes evidence-based lab testing to open the doors for a wider array of personalized treatment and recommendations. When it comes to your health, we know that biology is controlled by your genes. However, you can affect the expression of your genes by the way you eat, move and manage stress.  

Medical Food

As a courtesy to our patients, I have vetted the prescription grade quality supplement company’s and will use, only, quality products. Many of these companies specialize in a specific supplement. For this reason, you will notice supplement recommendations from multiple companies.  

Lifestyle Prescriptions

Your career, personal finances, home life, family matters, and health all compete for your time and energy. Trying to juggle all these responsibilities can leave you feeling stressed, tired, sick, and with little time to recharge and reboot.  You will receive a personalized REALISITIC plan, customized to your lifestyle and goals.

Corporate Wellness

As a CEO myself, I understand the demands of the job and the difficulty with implementing anything in my busy day.  We will create a customized structured plan, with the individual attention you need, to help you, and your executives, achieve true transformational change.  

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What to Expect at

REDesign You


he goal of functional medicine is to identify and address the unique factors contributing to your health, including biochemical makeup, toxic exposures, and genetics.​

Specialty Lab


Gain insights into your health deficiencies with access to specialty functional medicine lab testing including detailed analysis, review and treatment options.






Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Personalized nutritional counseling customized by our Registered Dietitian for each patient based upon their individual needs and goals.







Supplement Plan

Based on your healthcare needs, we help provide you with the dietary supplements you need in maintaining lifelong health. r

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