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December 19, 2018

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

People those take proper preventive measures may enjoy additional 10 years quality Life. From these many of have avoided the common chronic diseases related to aging. Most of them were relatively healthy into their 90’s. Look at some of the preventive measures adopting to then one can enjoy age after 90’s are reach 100’s

20 minutes walk.

The activity habits that involves quick 20-minute walk every day burns just 90 – 110 calories / hour roughly reduces the risk of early death by as much up to 20 to 30%.

Stand up

Sitting for extensive periods is unhealthy for both the mind and the body and can leads to Diseases or even early death, no matter how much exercise you do. A good rule for every hour you sit, get up and walk for five minutes. Take a walk daily during in the lunch hour.

Love with a health nut

A healthy life partner might save your life. Men became more physically active if their partner was alive, and 48% people quit smoking once their partner had. Are you aware the fact: Healthy Wife a Healthy Life (or something like that?)

“Exercise” Your Smile

You can make your brain feel happy with a simple exercise: Just smile. Don’t trust? Try it. This is due to neuro-linguistic programming, where an “anchor” or generator (in this case a smile) makes the Brain to feel same feelings it had in the last time when these muscles were used.

De-clutter Home and Mind also

Find a way to do a little de-cluttering every day. De-clutter your bedroom every day to make it more comfortable and peaceful place to sleep.

Clean your desk, bills paying area for better economical peace of mind. De-clutter your closet and wardrobe to make the mornings easier. These ways identify places in your house or office that you can keep then neat and clean.

So set aside 15 minutes a day for de-cluttering, and keep in mind that the most difficult step is to get started. You will be surprised how great you’ll begin to feel when your life is clutter free.

Find Your Magic “Sleep Number”

For most people’s 6-7 hours good night sleep would be a magic sleep number that needed, according to a study. Getting good night sleep will enable you to do the best work and help you handle daily challenges. Your body repairs cells during sleep, so skipping it doesn’t favor your body. Plus, inadequate sleep also affects your quality of life.

Monitor Caffeine Intake

You are facing a sleep disorders, caffeine could be the cause. Try to cut down caffeinated drinks, limit yourself to Coffee drink in early morning.

And if that doesn’t help, think of substituting caffeinated beverages with alternatives such as decaf coffee or herbal tea. Many energy drinks including Soda contain caffeine, so as energy bars and foods with chocolate also.

Relax Least an Hour before Bedtime

for total relax, close Internet at least an hour before you go to bed. Avoid exercise before bedtime, as that increases blood circulation. You require clearing the mind, so reading a book is a good idea to wind down. Some people consider a showering will wakes up, so shower in the morning can be the good idea.

Take a Walk in the Wild

A park is fine, but the less crowded and more “Natural” area is most preferable. If you are in the city, take the time to look up and notice how the sky looks that day and feel the difference.

Get Some Sun-Rays

Many people have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as they turn into depression during months with little sunshine.

Even you are not afflicted with SAD, you may be affected due to lack of Sunshine. Go outside for at least 15 minutes; on a wintry season walk rapidly and at least to get some Sun- Rays on your face. These helps your body create Vitamin D, which lot of people may have deficiency of it.

Avoid Trans Fats

Your Body needs healthy foods to live a long life. Restrict the intake of foods which high in fat, salt, added sugar and instead opt with super foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins. Some of the research on consumer reports reveled that eating Trans fat containing foods can make you feel depressed. Instead processed foods, opt to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, those you can find from farmers’ market. Also, try baking from scratch, not using mixes.

Peace of mind. Simplifying the time schedule can help you to release the tight schedule to grasp material possessions put forth on you. It will stop pursuing soul-crushing activities for the sole purpose of having enough money to acquire new things. Ultimately, this will add on more peace in-to your life.

Higher productivity: If you are less distracted, you will become more creative. Living a simple life gives you to spend less time on irrelevant activities.

Save money. Living simple life can results in to spend less on un-wanted things. It can definitely contribute to a certain level of financial freedom and in savings too.

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