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REDesign You

For individuals, families or facilities with clientele in need of private, attentive, exceptional care no matter the time or place.


"My journey working with Chad has been a long one, starting with my son, Jeremiah. At 1, Jeremiah had a serious illness that Chad was the first to diagnose. Once the 3 week ICU stay was over, Chad worked with us to bring Jeremiah back to health using functional medicine. He took the time to find the basis for my son’s residual symptoms, and we used food and supplements to heal Jeremiah’s ailments. I credit Chad with saving my son’s life, because he got us to the right place in time to get Jeremiah treated. 

Due in part to that terrifying experience, my health began to suffer. My physical, emotional, and mental health was suffering. I spent 2 years with a different provider asking for medications, bloodwork, allergy tests, etc. to get some relief from my symptoms. They’d work for a while, but then stop. I finally went to Chad and put it all in his hands and asked him to help me figure it out. I can’t tell you to extent it has changed my life.
We figured out WHY my body was acting the way it was, and he showed me how to heal it. I didn’t know how sick I was until I finally felt better. That was my normal. I now have a new normal, and it feels amazing! Every symptom I had was gone, no medications needed. I’m able to use food as my medicine, and tailor my lifestyle and supplements based on the very detailed test results of MY body, MY DNA. I love that he integrates functional and conventional medicine to get his patients the best outcome.'

Amber J. -  Globe, AZ

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